About the Plan

The Downtown Master Plan will be based upon a firm foundation of analysis and public input.  The highlight of the process is a four-day series of design workshops scheduled for June 26 - June 29 at 120 North Main Street.  The plan will examine existing conditions, previous studies and market potential.  The plan will recommend strategies that will provide a clear framework for investment in downtown.
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Over 100 attended the opening session.      Standing room only!
2a    Outdoor Dining Suffolk
Round table discussion at workshop.           "Pop-up" outdoor dining on Main Street.

Master Plan Update

Please attend the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, May 15 at 2pm to learn more about the Downtown Suffolk Master Plan.  The draft document can be downloaded for review by clicking here.


An update was presented at the City Council work session held on December 6.  The presentation can be reviewed by clicking here.

 Main Washington

Potential Streetscape Improvements @ Washington and Main Streets


Design Workshops

Thank you for attending and participating in the downtown design workshops to develop and test ideas for the downtown area. Your participation and local knowledge will play an important role in developing the master plan.   The workshops were held as follows:

 Evening Sessions  Afternoon Drop-In Times
 Opening Session
 Mon. June 26 - 6:00pm
 Design Pin-Up
 Tue. June 27 - 6:00pm
 Tue. June 27:  1pm - 5pm
 Design Pin-Up
 Wed. June 28 - 6:00pm
 Wed. June 28:  1pm - 5pm
 Closing Session
 Thur. June 29 - 6:00pm 
 Thur. June 29:  1pm - 5pm


Opening night attracted over 100 attendees.  Read the news article by clicking here

You can view all presentations and concept images by clicking here.