Existing Plans & Studies

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Downtown Initiatives Plan - 1998

Downtown Parking Study - 2007

Comprehensive Plan - 2015

Plan Documents

Adopted Plan - June 20, 2018

Suffolk Downtown Master Plan (Resolution No. 18-R-019)

Planning Commission Draft:

Suffolk Downtown Master Plan - Exhibit A

City Council Update:

City Council Master Plan Update - December 6, 2017

Design Downtown Presentations:

Design Downtown Opening Presentation - June 26, 2017

Design Downtown Presentation - Night Two - June 27, 2017

Design Downtown Presentation - Night Three - June 28, 2017

Design Downtown Closing Presentation - Night Four - June 29, 2017


Additional Workshop Images

In addition to the images contained in the closing presentation, larger format design concepts developed during the workhsops were scanned, reduced in size and posted below.  The three opportunity site sketches displayed in the closing presentation are linked below along with conceptual streetscape improvements for North Main Street and Washington Street.  The concepts and potential uses will continue to be refined as the master plan process moves forward.

Courthouse Opportunity Site

East Washington Street Opportunity Site

West Washington Street Opportunity Site

North Main Street Conceptual Streetscape

Washington Street Conceptual Streetscape

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